iPhone Sip Dialer

Aqua Softphone SIP Mobile Dialer for iPhone is a beautifully designed very user friendly VoIP application which is available for android and Iphone mobile phones.This app does everything you want it to do.The SIP Mobile Dialer application delivers crystal clear voice quality and consumes less bandwidth, you can use it over 3G/4G and WIFI data connection.

Aqua Softphone SIP Mobile Dialer for iPhone gives you freedom from using the computer for making voip calls, we bring you the very innovative solution where you can now make VoIP calls over internet using your mobile phones. Using this new technology user have no dependency over the computer or the old traditional way of making voice calls. Now a days a major portion of the population uses the android and Iphone mobiles and given that you can use Aqua Softphone over any android or Iphone you can say good bye to the computer and the traditional calling.What makes it more interesting is that you can have the Aqua Softphone Mobile Dialer with white level branding.This mean you can not only have the colour theme of your choice but also you can have desired application name , your company logo on the SIP Dialer as well.

Aqua Softphone is also capable of showing your account balance on the main dialer screen so that users can see their account balance after each call, we also provide the option to integrate the third party payment gateway options so that users can recharge their account.

Aqua Softphone  SIP Mobile Dialer for iPhone features:

* Branding Support with company name / logo
* Logo on Splash Screen
* Logo On Login Screen
* Brand Name on Main Screen
* User Friendly Beautiful design
* SIP protocol support
* Multi Language Support
* Unlimited user license
* Outgoing and Incoming calls
* Supports G.729, Opus, AMR, AMR-WB, G.722.1, G.711a/u, GSM, iLBC, SPEEX, SPEEWX-WB codecs
* DTMF support
* Advanced Phone Book with display picture and Favourites option
* call hold
* Call History
* Call Status display
* Edit Username and Password from login and settings
* Work with all standard SIP Soft Switches
* Compatible with most of the ios devices.

Login Screen Branding