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Aqua Softphone SIP Mobile Dialer is a combination of technology and elegant design.We bring you our innovative solution which works as SIP Client for Android and IOS devices and allows the users to make cheap VoIP phone calls with crystal clear voice quality. our SIP Dialer for Android and IOS give you freedom from computer for making VoIP calls at very convenient cost.

Our SIP Mobile Dialer offers you complete White Label Branding support which lets you gain more and more customers for your VoIP business. Following are the highlights of the White Label SIP Mobile Dialer.

SIP Mobile Dialer Feature Highlights

Aqua Softphone SIP Mobile Dialer offers Elegant and user friendly design.
SIP Dialer offers Balance display on main screen.
Supported Codecs G.729, Opus, AMR, AMR-WB, G.722.1, G.711a/u, GSM, iLBC, SPEEX, SPEEWX-WB.
Custom Features Development our SIP Mobile Dialer is very flexible if you require any special feature just let us know and we will add those for you for a nominal cost.
SIP Dialer works with most of the popular soft switches like Asterisk, Freeswitch, VoIPswitch,MOR,MERA,PORTAONE etc.
Splash Screen with company logo
Login Screen with company logo
Custom Launcher Icon
In call DTMF support
SIP Protocol Support
Works Over Most Internet Connection 3G/4G/WIFI

Splash Screen Branding
We provide separate DTMF based Mobile calling card dialers that are designed for cellular network. Mobile Calling card Dialer can work in areas where SIP is blocked or not.

Aqua Softphone is capable of many advance features which offers more options to users and also makes it easier to do lot of things for example our softphone offers favourite feature which allows you to add your preferred contacts as favourites. This features saves users time as user does not have to search for contact in phone book  database. User Signup option from the softphone itself is a very good feature for users it gives them convenience to create user account right from the mobile application and they do not have to open the computer to do so.

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